ABOUT US Lincoln City Property, is a subsidiary of Lincoln City Services and Investments Ltd (RC: 1570176). It's a real estate firm committed to helping investors and residents make the right decisions when it comes to buying property. Over the years, we have helped multitudes of buyers swiftly navigate through to the right investment opportunity, time and again. It’s the reason why we have a huge number of longstanding clients.

our services

We specialize in marketing, listing and selling of new and resale luxury homes, residential communities, condominiums, home sites, undeveloped land and commercial and investment opportunities

our mission

We pride ourselves in the thorough knowledge and experience in transacting realty and completing the process with ease, by providing conducive and affordable real estate investment opportunities for residential and commercial purposes. At Lincoln City Property, one thing is primordial and pivotal to us, and that is paying a great deal of drum beats of our reasons for existence in the real estate business space.

Our core values






The Right Choice, for the Right Property


Our team has grown from two to over 15 people, as our agency has expanded and developed over the years. We are based in
Lagos, NIGERIA and our team come from all over the Nation.

meet our top executives

Adeboye Oluwaseun (lincoln)

General Manager

Adeboye Oluwaseun Amos is the CEO and General Manager of Lincoln City Services and Investments Ltd. He is an astute business expert with vast experience in business management and strategy 

Adebayo Adewale

Marketing Manager

Adeboye Adewale, is the brand and Marketing Manager of Lincoln City Services and Investment Ltd. He has a key strategy is brand and marketing experience for over 15 years….

Ebuka Ewuzie

Operation Manager

Ebuka Ewuzie, is the Operation Manager of Lincoln City Services and Investment Ltd. His vast experience in business operations has won him recognition locally and internationally.

Olagundoye Emmanuel

IT Manager

Olagundoye, Emmanuel is the IT Manager of Lincoln City Services and Investments Ltd, he is an expert in Web Development and Graphics Design.  His prowess in the IT industry has provided solutions to the problems of many reputable companies in Nigeria.

Adeboye Temitope

Financial Manager

Adeboye Temitope, she is the strategy and financial manager of lincoln city services and investment ltd. her vast experience in business mangement and financial analysis won her an award in different consulting and auditing firm in Nigeria.


HR Manager

David Chukwu is the Human Resources Manager at Lincoln City Services and Investment Ltd. His quality of Human Resources Management Skills has proven him as one of the best in Nigeria business space.

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